Sunday, March 10, 2013

Take 5

Take FIVE minutes to organize a closet... will make everyday life a little easier.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Attic

I could spend hours organizing our attic. While I was pregnant, Jack would just put stuff up there, so, I have finally returned to organize my "safe haven". 
You can see the remnants of my pre-pregnancy organizing...

Over two separate days, I was able to bring some order back to the attic. (Day 1)

Now everything is in a group, so when I have more time I can go up there and focus on each area. (Day 2)
This area is for Events - napkins, plates, candleholders, vases, mason jars, etc.

Here we have a couple of different groups - 
(far back) memory lane: old notebooks, school paraphernalia, photo albums, etc.
(middle, clear boxes with white tops) clothes: seasonal clothes, baby clothes
(black boxes) misc: one is full of photos, one of old t-shirts, and one of nice clothes I can't wear right now, but hope to fit in one day as I get back to pre (Maggie) pregnancy weight
*Then we have children's things: highchair, moses' basket, toys, etc.

Not Pictured - 
Home Decor: lamps, paintings, fabric, etc.

***As I have time, I will go back up there and focus in on one area...probably baby clothes since Katie is moving up to the next size.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My Daily Favorites...
Cascade is a must for my multiple daily dishwasher loads (we tried off brands, but don't skimp on this!).  Dr. Pepper is my little caffeine jolt:) Almonds are my snacks. iBreastfeeding app is what I use every time I feed Katie. Tide detergent is used constantly throughout the day! My calendar (yes, the same brand I have used since jr. high!) with a pencil so I can erase, as my schedule is always changing. JIF peanut butter is my daily breakfast.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby Registry Favorites

Thermometer, a must! This is the best you can get!

Dr. Brown is a reliable brand.
Keeps amount of air flow down so they won't spit up or burp as much.
GLASS bottles just seem like they stay cleaner to me:)

BOPPY CHANGING PAD LINERS - This was a huge life saver. We laid it on top of the changing pad and could easily throw it in the washer machine (instead of washing the whole changing pad).

Breastfeeding moms need this!!!
Nipple cream.

I could not live without my BOPPY pillow! I use it every time I feed Katie. I also prop her up on it to play with her.

Most moms that pump use this (Medela Swing).
Those that work or pump a lot use this double Medela Pump...the best money can buy.
For engorgement or occasional pumping...this is the manuel pump I use:) I'm not very educated on pumps, but these are the three different levels of pumps.

Again, a must in the beginning to avoid leaking.
I feel Lansinoh Nursing Pads are softer than other brands.

Some moms use the diaper pail, some use disposable diapers, I use the DIAPER GENIE II ELITE! Love it!

Wubbanubs are a favorite around our house - easy to find, stays in her mouth, throw it in the wash, and a little snugly for the baby.

Pottery Barn Specials:
We love the swaddle SleepSack made by HALO (sold in most baby stores, online, and Amazon). Neither of my girls could sleep without being swaddled. Some never use this, while I use it everyday for naps and every night for bed.
*Chamois is a warm, soft material sold exclusively by PB. We have their SleepSacks, blankets, changing pad cover, and sheet. 
This is a bit cooler material for those summer babies.
Great diaper bag! Easy access and not too many compartments that make you feel overwhelmed. 

Car Seat!!!! Choose wisely, you will use this ALL THE TIME!!! We went with the GRACO SnugRide Infant Carseat. This only holds the baby up to 22lbs, but by the time they reach that weight, you can turn them around and put them in their next carseat.
Some go with the heavier carseats, but you will carry this thing EVERYWHERE! We love our Graco SnugRide Infant Carseat!
Spend the money on the base! Get one for your husband, grandparents, babysitter, whoever might be toting your baby around! Well worth the money!

We used some gift money and bought a GREAT stroller, The BOB! Instead of having multiple strollers, this was the only one we had for the first year (we bought the CHICO umbrella stroller around a year).
This was a useful accessory.

BOB Revolution SE 2011 Graco Car Seat Adapter

With this, you can put the carseat into the BOB stroller. GREAT BUY!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Containers, Part I

We have containers all over our house. Here are a few for Maggie and Katie's items...
a smaller basket for some of Katie's toys
the pink brings some color into our gray playroom

KIS in an old tupperware box
as they break, through them out!

As seen in a previous post, a tub of play clothes. Nancy had it painted to match the room. 

Simply Birthday Party

I am all for the big birthday blowouts, but sometimes it's best to Keep It Simple!
An ice cream cake from Dairy Queen at 4:00 in the afternoon, add candles and sing "Happy Birthday". The gift was a DVD purchased at KMart. 
$20 for the entire birthday! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 Year Old's Shelving Unit

Keep it Simple in shelving units. So thankful for this unit in Maggie's room.

 Keep alike books together.

Line books up from Tallest to shortest.

Group things together of alikeness...Winnie the Pooh Characters...
...boxes of similar sizes. 
Marche Baskets from The Container Store

Dress Up Bin
Only dress up clothes in here
Simple Ferris Wheel
(she rode the ferris wheel for the first time this year at the fair)

**I try to keep the cabinets cleaned when I need to do a quick clean, I can throw things in there.